Effortlessly analyze, plan, and order inventory

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky ERPs. Genie is a modern back-end built to help online merchants like you scale faster, and with fewer headaches.

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Backed by leading e-commerce investors and founders

Get e-com superpowers.
No magic lamp required.

Ditch the spreadsheets, and make analysing, planning and ordering inventory a joy. All from one beautiful, powerful interface.

Intuitive data at your fingertips

Immediately see insights in a refreshing, more intuitive way. Connect your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

Grows with your business

Start just with what you need today—add functionality whenever you need it. Genie adapts to you, not the other way around.

Built for humans, not just data.

No more switching tools or endless data prep. Get your most common and complex tasks done in a jiff. —Joyful productivity.

Operations control tower ready for lift-off.

As your business grows, so do the complexities of managing your operations. Genie helps you plan better, launch faster, and focus on what matters most—your customers.

Ditch your spreadsheets

Stop wrestling with endless spreadsheets and manually reconciling your data. Genie gives you one powerful, intuitive source of truth for inventory and sales.

Effortlessly plan for the future

Limit surprises when planning for the future by considering your lead time, stock levels, and real-time sales velocity.

No more silos. Work with your team, in a productive and joyful way

Gaining insights on stock and sales data can be difficult when information is siloed and teams are not aligned. Allow ops & marketing teams to collaborate instead of chasing each other for information.

Packed with powerful features to make your daily ops a breeze

Quit doing manual work

Create saved views in a few clicks which don't just show you the data, but help you understand it.

Easily see what needs action

With intuitive statuses showing you what's at risk of running out, overstocked and understocked.

Know what performs

Use Genie's powerful algorithms to segment your products based on sales 
or profit.

Intuitive source of truth for your inventory

Automate your day-to-day analysis of key metrics at the product variant level—lightning fast.

Keep all your supplier information in one place

No more jumping back and forth between Shopify, email and post-its.

Easily update price lists

Ensure you always have correct price data.

Raise and manage PO's with ease

By monitoring stock health per individual SKU and bundle. Know what to re-order, when and in what quantity.

Manage your suppliers

Have one single source of truth to manage your supplier relationships, showing you lead times, MOQs, price lists, and active purchase orders.

Your inventory health, status, and performance at a glance.

Genie’s alerts dashboard will cut the chaos and show you what needs the most attention.

See data in context

Avoid constantly switching through sources of information. See what’s high priority and jump right in.

Create powerful reports in a few clicks

Avoid the hassle of manual data analysis and never stress about messy data entry.

Order the right amount

Get full visibility on your supplier by tracking historical data and overlaying it on commercial agreements.

Convert your cash

by reducing the work for (re-)issuing new PO’s and move to more frequent, lower-ticket replenishments.

Purchase Orders

Plan, create, and track purchase orders. All from a single place.

Save time

By centralising collaboration between operations, marketing and finance teams and shortening decision time.

Manage teams

Delegate operational tasks, approval processes and deadlines. Edit, draft and comment on current projects to facilitate workflows.


Coming Soon

Work together with your team and your suppliers effectively and productively.

We're here to answer all your questions.

If you’re new to Genie or looking to supercharge your current stack, this section will help you learn more about the platform and its features.

So, you're a startup?

What gave it away? Hopefully the fact we’re obsessed with fixing your problems as a merchant.

We built Genie to help online sellers sell more and scale faster. We’re backed by great investors, have a revolutionary product and are here to stay - so get in touch to join us on the journey.

Is Genie right for me?

If you're a D2C brand selling on Shopify, overwhelmed by the limits of spreadsheets and costly solutions, then likely your needs are greater than ever.

You may be managing tens or hundreds of SKU’s and styles, while monitoring while monitoring inventory and launching/refreshing products on a regular basis - this is where better tech can make an impact.

We’re integrating with marketplaces and other tools in your stack too. We don’t support (off-line) retail sales or B2B yet, but will add them soon.

How do I sign up?

We’ve seen huge demand from ops teams, and are onboarding companies individually right now. Just fill out our 30-40 second form here to apply for early access to our launch partner program!

What's the onboarding like? Do you charge for implementation?

We’re not like an old-school ERP - we’ll never charge for implementation. Our initial batch of launch partners will go through a 1:1 onboarding process with a dedicated product team. Post-beta, we will be transitioning into a fully self-serve onboarding process.

Got any more questions?