6 Sept
50 min 31 sec

#3 A Deep Dive with Jason Wong of Doe Beauty & Pughaus: Cracking the Code of Operations and Brand Building

Jason Wong, the esteemed entrepreneur and the visionary force behind both Doe Beauty⁠ and Pughaus⁠, joins our podcast to delve into his profound knowledge on brand development and the nuances of operational strategies. Over the years, Jason has constructed, mentored, and financially supported a myriad of e-commerce brands spanning sectors like beauty, apparel, and home goods, including food and beverages. In a bid to streamline operations for these brands, he birthed Saucy – a dedicated supply chain and logistics powerhouse located in Fuzhou, China, primed to simplify product development intricacies. Often hailed as the brand-building maestro, Jason possesses an uncanny knack for operations. Not to mention, his impressive portfolio includes backing giants such as Skio, Postscript, and Triplewhale.
Jason Wong
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The Dispatch is a podcast that delves deep into the universe of direct-to-consumer commerce. From the inception, scaling, and operational challenges of e-commerce brands to the strategies that fine-tune established DTC brands, we explore every facet. We engage with elite founders and operators about their experiences in building and scaling profitably, delving into operations, brand strategy, community, understanding consumer shifts, and beyond.
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